Brand With A Mission – BePureUSA

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.15.20 pmBePure USA – As seen on CBS’s 60 Minutes for having reversed the parameters of type-2 diabetes in only 10 weeks along with a TedX presentation, this is Ben Warren’s Health Revolution.

About Ben Warren’s Health Revolution: Ben has a firm belief in helping you make choices that save money and help develop your ideal energy through optimal nutrition.

Over the last 5 years Ben has successfully helped 30,000+ people live healthier, happier lives, and lose an estimated 60,000 pounds of fat!

Here is access to a FREE resource you can download:

5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid at
the Grocery Store



Brand With A Mission – Bon Appétit Pet Placemats

ScreenShot2014-08-31at8.26.41amBon Appetit Placemats – Bon Appetit provides unique pet placemats for every occasion, making all pets feel part of the celebrations!

We LOVE pets – they’re part of the family – so our mission is to provide all pets the recognition they deserve and ensure they all dine in style. With placemats for every occasion such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and more, you’ll find a unique option that’s just right for your pet, or for the whole family.

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Everyone deserves to dine in style this holiday season!


Brands With A Mission October

CommonKindness is featuring Brands With a Mission.

So many great brands out there are doing amazing work and we want to share their stories with you and help generate inspiration for everyone. These brands have many different missions that all help to support communities and offer great products, inspiring values and have a wonderful story to tell.

This September, we are proudly announcing the following brands that are on board with us for their values and missions to be shared with you.

Cabot Creamery


Lovin’ Scoopful

Bon Appétit Placemats

Please take a look at the stories and missions of these great brands and support their amazing work wherever you can.


Brand With A Mission – Woodstock

Woodstock_Logo_R_450pixelsWoodstock – It all started for us over 25 years ago, when we began selling natural and organic foods with belief that good food came from simple ingredients farmed from sources you could trust. Woodstock is 250+ products strong in 20 categories. Over 75% are USDA Certified Organic and over 150 products Non-GMO Project Verified, and we’re not stopping there; the rest are enrolled and on their way!

Join us as we celebrate the cycle of our food. In the Spring we “Plant the Seed” and support the right to choose Non-GMO. In the Fall, we “Give Thanks to Your Farmer,” in support of American Farmland Trust and their mission to Help Save a Family Farm. Learn more at

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