Savings Angel Interviews CommonKindness Podcast

At SavingsAngel, not only will you find great savings tips and tricks, but Savings Angel will soon have the interview with CommonKindness up on the podcast. Listen out for it! Click here to see what else is at Savings Angel in the meantime!

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Cabot Community Celebrity Award Cruise 2015

We are proud to present the 2015 Cabot Community Celebrity Award Cruise!!


CommonKindness will be choosing one Community Celebrity (volunteer, community service, kindness, helping others) from nominations submitted BY YOU in recognition of the nominees kindness.

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized for their amazing efforts of helping others? Someone who makes selfless contributions to their  community and promotes kindness?

Click HERE to learn more and submit a nomination!

Weetabix & USA Rugby

Weetabix not only has coupons on CommonKindness right now, they are also doing some great things with great teams and communities.

Did you know:

·         Weetabix is the official breakfast cereal of USA Rugby?
Very cool! They supply a big bunch of energy for these athletes and now you can benefit from the exact same product!

How does Weetabix give back?
·         Weetabix is the official breakfast cereal of USA Rugby and has partnered with the organization to help fuel Eagles beginning with the most important meal of the day, breakfast! All of its packaging is GreenChoice which means it’s 100% Recycled, Clean Energy, and Carbon Neutral.

When you print your CommonKindness coupon, you can also choose your favorite non-profit to benefit. These combined efforts can do wonderd!


Full Circle Exchange

“To empower women and whole communities to rise above poverty through economic opportunities that are sustainable and dignified”.

This is a wonderful organization bringing strength and opportunity to places many of us can’t get to. Places with amazing people creating amazing things and Full Circle Exchange is right behind them allowing them to shine. Thank you!