Cool To Be Kind

With organizations like The Trevor Project promoting inclusion, tolerance, acceptance and kindness with celebrity spokespeople like Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and supporters like Darren Criss (Glee), the coolness factor of kindness is being elevated. It’s about time. With the film Bully now in theaters, its hard to avoid facing the urgent need to re-brand kindness as hip, in, cool and just the way to be. Policies, rules and laws only go so far. If being kind is not valued in peer groups and modeled at home, how can we expect anything to change?


2 thoughts on “Cool To Be Kind

  1. I agree!! It is important to remember that kindness starts at home. While we can’t always make the financial donations that we would like to, we can treat those around us with respect. Smile at the world, and it will smile back. I always enjoy the response from those around me from something as simple as holding the door for a little bit longer, paying a stranger’s toll or parking meter, letting someone in during traffic… When I look at our finances carefully, I’m almost always able to find a way, even if it is very small, to give back. Maybe it is selfish, but it makes us feel better to know that we aren’t always taking, but making the effort to give back. Thanks for projecting kindness into the world!!! It is a universal language that should be spoken more.

    • Hi Skye! Welcome and thanks for joining! I love what you had to say and appreciate that you took the time to say it. Please keep coming back.

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