Is Kindness Important?

I can’t think of a better way to start the conversation. Pull up a keyboard and get comfortable. There is room here for everyone and their voices.  Tell us, is kindness important to you?


6 thoughts on “Is Kindness Important?

  1. The one thing I will never understand is man’s inhumanity to his fellow man; how people like you and me call each other sister and brother and can be so hurtful to each other.

    I like a definition for kindness in elementary terms of interpersonal interactions. Kindness is simply caring. Kindness is being fully aware, thinking of others, acting courteously, showing empathy, exercising patience, and showing up as your best self in the world.

    • Hello Charlyn! It’s so good to have you engaged in this important conversation. Thank you for offering that insight and question. Personally, I am finding more and more that the impact of NOT having kindness modeled for and bestowed on us as children, in our formative years especially, is great. It seems to require some compassion for one’s self and one’s own core wounding in order for one to choose not to act from that pain by recreating it but rather healing it by choosing to act from the heart. The kindest people I know are the ones who are the most compassion. What other characteristics do the kind people you know possess?

    • hi!This was a really amdriable theme!I come from roma, I was luck to look for your blog in baiduAlso I learn much in your topic really thanks very much i will come daily

      • Thank you so much for your post! You are in Rome?! AHHHH. I want to come to Rome so badly. I am happy my post resinated with you. I feel blessed to be talking about kindness with people all over the world. Please come again and share your thoughts. It makes it all worth while for me to hear from people like you. Have a beautiful day!

        Kind Angie

  2. Being kind has to come from the heart and not from the ego wanting praise from others. It is not genuine kindness if it comes from the ego.

    • Hi Carolyn! Thanks for sharing that. That reminds me of the idea of acting our way into “right” thinking. It’s easier to change our actions than our thoughts. Since we all have egos, and they are hard to hide from, it really is a practice, for me anyway, to act from an ego-less place. But when I do, I feel free. Please come back again and share more.

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