Kindness, Loud and Proud!

We are here and we are shouting from the roof tops or rather the the hill sides of Marin County – YES!  Kindness can save the world!  


2 thoughts on “Kindness, Loud and Proud!

  1. The best act of kindness, according to Jewish tradition, is one that can’t be reciprocated. A prime example: attending funerals, to ensure the quorum of at least ten Jewish men needed for recitation of Kaddish, the prayer for the deceased.
    For the past two years, regardless of weather, volunteers have made themselves available for attendance at burials of more than 300 indigent individuals at the Staten Island, NY cemetery operated by the Hebrew Free Burial Association.
    The project developed when a congregant of a local synagogue sought volunteers to attend the funeral of a colleague, a Holocaust survivor who had no survivors. Scores of men from synagogues and schools responded, glad to ensure a proper religious burial for a stranger – with no expectation of having the act of kindness repaid.

    • Hi Joel! Thank you for that beautiful example of kindness. So inspiring. I like the Jewish tradition of kindnesses that can’t be reciprocated. It really ups the ante on kindness codes of conduct and purifies the act. So often people, including myself, are consciously or unconsciously motivated by self when being kind, whether we admit it or not. I like to think I have a kind heart and nothing gives me more joy than being and acting kindly, but I am also human. I think it is important that we have lofty traditions to strive for and be guided by. Thanks for planting that seed. I wonder if anyone else out there has other examples of kindness or traditions that inspire them to be kind?

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