The Kindness Games

What if the most coveted award was for kindness? Kindness awards are handed out liberally in grade school, encouraging kids to be kind.  Then kids move into middle and high school where peers and pop culture hold their gaze and kindness loses its cache to coolness. What if the kindest male and female celebrities were awarded for their kindness?  The kindest man and woman in business?  Ellen? Oprah? Eminem? Katniss?


3 thoughts on “The Kindness Games

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  2. Love the kindness award suggestion.

    I’m going to suggest to the administration of my children’s school that we take the idea and run with it. A classroom weekly award… An award given at all school assemblies… A few sentences in our weekly newsletter…
    It could start big, it could start small. Heck, maybe I’ll just start it myself on the playground, in the parking lot, at the next parent meeting. I’m guessing it will be contagious. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Hello Patricia! So happy you joined our little pow wow on kindness. And I am so excited about your intention to bring the kindness award to your children’s school. Please do come back and share with us the process and how it goes. I imagine it will be very interesting every step of the way. It would be really cool to have the children vote for each other rather than an adult. It would also be interesting to have the children define kindness along with the teachers so they really feel empowered. What a model to set at this time in educational history when bullying is rampant in schools everywhere. Please keep coming back to share your amazing project.

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