One Kind Day

Has someone been kind to you today? What did they do? Say? Mime? How did you feel? Did you find yourself being more kind afterwards? What did you do? Say? Mime? Just kidding. I think I am funnier than I am. But I am good with it. If you want to, try this today; the next time you see an opportunity, be randomly kind. So the miming is out. And tell us all about it….


2 thoughts on “One Kind Day

  1. Yesterday was Mother’s Day – and I’m not a Mother (and never will be – I’m 72 years old)
    But my wonderful neighbors gave me the most beautiful card”Happy Mother’s Day to someone whose happy outlook….makes the world a sunnier place”
    Inside Lou and Ed wrote “To our Ray of Sunshine Love Lou, Ed and Chuiy (the puppy dog) and yes……even in the Sunset (District in San Francisco ) where fog abounds…. you make the Sun come out!
    Frankly, their words and gift made me speechless. We have been neighbors now for many, many years and they have performed many acts of kindness toward me..
    I still at times “suffer” from “Oh, I don’t deserve all the attention”, but I’m learning now to accept the kindness and continue on my own road to kindness.

    ove you all – Marlies

    • Hi Marlies,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I think it is so important to remember how easy it is to show our love and appreciation for each other, mother or not. I am happy my post touched you and I hope you keep coming back and reading more and sharing more. This effort is made worth it by people like you who engage with me and with the topics. Have a beautiful day!

      Kind Angie

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