How Do We Repay Our Mother’s Kindness?

Everywhere we go, we are bombarded with advertising about the importance of showing gratitude to our mothers on their special day with material gifts ranging from greeting cards to diamond jewelry.  The message is clear – we should feel bad if we don’t buy something for mom.

As a mom, the gift I want most from my daughter is much more simple, free and intangible. Reading me a poem, singing a song, serving me breakfast in bed, making me a home-made card, or just spending the day with me doing things I like is all it takes to warm my heart. The love is not in the gift, it’s in the thoughtfulness and care that my child puts into her gesture of gratitude that matters.  I think we underrate how much impact acts of kindness have on our mothers, but it’s the best way to show we love them.

I am not sure a mother’s kindness can ever be fully repaid. Perhaps that is all the more reason to adopt a practice and make a habit of reciprocated kindness. I say don’t feel obligated to spend a lot of money on a gift for Mother’s Day. Spend time and energy showing you care.  All she really wants is to know she is appreciated.

Kindness is priceless…just like our moms.


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