Unkind Words Can Make Us Sick

It dawned on me today that if kindness has the power to improve my health, then not being kind has the power to make me sick. Our bodies are always listening. And what’s more, our bodies believe everything we say. A friend referred me to the book Your Body Believes Everything You Say a few years ago. I still have not read it. Though it could be the most important book I read this year, maybe ever. If it’s true that my body believes everything I say to myself, I am in big trouble.

Of course, like most of us, I am my own worst critic. Being hard on myself about the realization that my internal meanie is making me unhealthy only makes matters worse. If I am depressed, overweight, angry, unproductive at work, disconnected from my friends and at a loss as to why this is all happening, it could simply be that I am not being very nice to myself. And we all know if we are not being kind to ourselves, we are not being kind to others. At least not in an authentic way.

It has been said that I am not responsible for my first thought. Thanks God! But I do have control of my next thought. It takes work and discipline, but it is possible. If I am unhappy with my reality, then I need look no further than within for the solution. It’s an inside job, as they say. Just because it seems simple, free and accessible—it may not be easy. Maybe the best I can do today is start tuning into when I am saying something unkind to myself or someone else. Awareness is a start.

If I say something unkind to someone else, the right thing to do is apologize, right? Does that mean I should apologize to myself when I am unkind to myself? It may sound like new age psycho-babble, but it also just might work. So should I try it? What do I have to lose, besides depression, weight, anger, loneliness and poor productivity?


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