Volunteering Is Sexy!

 Volunteer - It's sexy!
Look no further than volunteer firefighters for proof. It’s that tug on the heart strings—the hero to the rescue—that hooks you, even in the imagination.
Yes, volunteering is sexy. When you give to others you feel good. And when you feel good, you look good. It’s what I call the “giving glow.” A pretty face is nice, but it only gets you so far.This not just a nice thought. Scientific research and positive psychology indicate:

  • Giving makes us happier than taking.
  • Volunteering can increase life satisfaction and self-esteem.
  • Volunteering facilitates meeting others, connecting with others and making friends.
  • People who volunteer are seen as more attractive to the opposite sex.
  • People who volunteer are seen as cooler than those who don’t volunteer.
If volunteering can do all that, why don’t more people do it? According to the website volunteer.com, volunteering has an image problem. To the ill-informed, volunteering is seen as dowdy, and most organizations have not done a good job promoting themselves as sexy.
Some organizations, however, have caught on. Darren Crisis of Glee and Daniel Radcliffe are the handsome spokesmen for The Trevor Project, a crisis intervention organization for gay, lesbian, transgender and questioning youth. Although women really didn’t need another reason to adore them, they are even hotter showing they care. Kindness is sexy, and volunteering is kindness in action.
Want to get more likes and nudges on your online dating profile? Add volunteering to your profile. But be honest. Nothing is less sexy than lying. You have to really get out there and be of service. You might even meet a hot new sexy friend while you’re there.

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