Kindness and Nature and Kumbaya?

As the Devil’s Advocate, I have been asked to comment on kindness as it relates to nature. Are they kidding? The natural world has given us everything we have. YES, everything—including what keeps us alive. What have we given the natural world in return—pollution, overpopulation, oil spills, species extinction, bad air, poisoned water, oceans of drifting plastic, chemical crops, hormone-saturated beef, mercury-laden fish and Lady Gaga. Shall I go on?

Ladies and gentlemen, if you prefer driving a Hummer and getting 10 miles to the gallon or an SUV and getting 24 miles per gallon, instead a Prius and getting miles per gallon, then YOU are a big part of the problem. We are being outrageously selfish and unkind to nature. Imagine if you had someone living in your home who doing to you place what you are doing to the planet? You’d boot them to Pluto. (Sorry Pluto.)

Some of us sing Kumbaya and pretend that our oversized houses, SUVs and extravagance are okay. I say, so what? Why be kind to nature? It’s pretty obvious that we will never really do anything to prevent the massive human suffering and destruction of the natural world that is being caused by global warming. Oh, I forgot, global warming is a myth created by Al Gore and mad scientists who make money from picking fights with the giant oil and auto industries. Right.

Last week I was in Yosemite with about a hundred thousand other people, no kidding. We counted the number of SUVs and the number of tourists—and guess what? You get the idea. You don’t need a Devil’s Advocate to know that humanity is not only unkind, but extraordinarily selfish when it comes to consumption and pollution of every natural resource.

Yosemite is one of the last pristine areas on earth, and it’s crowded.

I have been asked to be encouraging in this article. Okay, here it goes. If you really want to be kind to the natural world, then get Congress to do one simple thing—support alternative energy. You see, the technology already exists, but it doesn’t have the political clout, money and tax subsidies of the oil industry.

The oil, gas and coal industries have the real power, and they are preventing the expansion of real sustainable energy sources. If you and I and everyone else can accomplish one thing to reduce the impact of global warming, reduce air and water pollution, and reduce over consumption of resources and waste, it’s to build an economy around nonpolluting energy. The natural world, the unemployed, future generations, and all of humanity will applaud your courage and your kindness.

There’s only one little problem—money from BIG OIL buys votes in Congress. When you buy oil, some of your money slides into the pockets of our oil politicians. It’s that simple. If you don’t believe it, then simply ask any politician or follow their votes or research their contributors. The information is available.

Now let’s be real. Nobody except the enlightened and kind is going to contact their congressperson. We are too lazy.

So now you know why the natural world is being treated with so little kindness. We don’t care enough to take the time to make our voice heard as we take to listen to a Lady Gaga song.

I apologize to Lady Gaga and the entire former planet named Pluto.


The Devil’s Advocate


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