Homemade Bread Day!

yeast coupons

Happy Homemade Bead Day!

What could be more fun than yeast coupons on Homemade Bread Day?    Well?

Wikipedia teaches us that the history of bread goes back at least 30,000 years, and was developed by the accidental cooking of roasted, ground cereal grains mixed with water. (I am a bit envious, as probably none of my cooking accidents will have such anthropological significance.)

Yeast, my favorite part of bread, came into the picture a bit later. Wikipedia goes on (and on) to tell us that scanning electron microscopy has located yeast cells in ancient Egyptian loaves. (Can you just imagine Cleopatra gobbling down a tuna fish sandwich?)

Cleopatra and the Tuna

Yeast is the best thing since…uh, well…you know where I’m going.

But this isn’t Bread History Month or even Bread Awareness Week, it’s Homemade Bread Day! So, get out the baking pans, coat the kitchen in flour, and have as much fun as humanly possible.

Start by clipping Fleischmann’s Yeast coupons at http://www.CommonKindness.com before heading to the store for supplies. Your CommonKindness coupon purchases not only save you money, they enable you to generate funding for your favorite charity at the same time. And everyday is a good day to give to those who need it.


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