Johnson & Johnson Coupons for Listerine, Reach, & Rembrandt Products

toothbrush coupons

Download and print these amazing Johnson & Johnson oral care product coupons at

toothbrush couopons

REACH® Toothbrush

You can brush like a pro, but the truth is that you’re only as good as your tools. REACH toothbrushes are available in a variety of designs to help you achieve your dental objectives. Features include:

  • Longer outer bristles gently clean along gum line
  • Shorter inner bristles clean plaque from every tooth
  • Angled neck to clean hard to reach places
  • Ergonomic rubber grip for better comfort and control

floss coupons

REACH® Floss

REACH flosses are used by more dentists than any other brand. Many types of REACH floss are available. Many people are discovering the benefits and comfort of REACH TOTAL CARE® floss. It is the only flexible dental floss with patented MICROGROOVES® technology, which makes it slide like Glide, but removes more plaque.

toothbrush coupons

REACH® Kids Toothbrush

REACH Kids toothbrushes are designed to easily clean HARD TO REACH® PLACES® in children’s mouths. Features include:

  • Angled neck to clean back teeth better
  • Small bristles and small head designed for developing teeth
  • Wider grip to fit little hands
  • Popular characters that make brushing fun

listerine coupons


LISTERINE Smart Rinse is an anticavity mouthwash for kids ages six and older that:

  • Provides 12-hour cavity protection
  • Strengthens teeth 99% better than brushing alone
  • Magnetic cleansing action works like a magnet to attract what brushing may miss
  • Available in fun Barbie- and Phineas and Ferb-themed bottles

whitening kit

REMBRANDT® 2-Hour Whitening Kit

Rembrandt visibly whitens teeth in just one 2-hour treatment. You can feel confident about your white smile during important dates, interviews, or meetings. Nothing gets your teeth white faster than Rembrandt.

Rembrandt’s exclusive Comfytray applicators designed for a comfortable, customized whitening experience, which uses the same enamel-safe whitening ingredient dentists use.

stain dissolving strips

REMBRANDT® INTENSE STAIN® Stain Dissolving Strips

Get noticeably whiter teeth in two weeks and protect against future stains with Rembrandt Intense Stain stain dissolving strips. These strips noticeably whiten tough surface stains from things like coffee, tea and wine. And they conveniently dissolve on teeth in just 5 to 10 minutes.

toothpaste coupons

REMBRANDT® Toothpaste

The number-one selling premium whitening toothpaste, Rembrandt toothpaste is expertly formulated to remove tough stains, prevent new stains from sticking, and actively restore and strengthen tooth enamel. Its special blend of micro-polishers and stain-fighting ingredients fight against tough stains like red wine, coffee and tobacco. Use at least twice daily.

Rembrandt coupons

REMBRANDT® DEEPLY WHITE® + Peroxide Whitening Mouthwash

Try the first whitening mouthwash on the market that actively restores and strengthens tooth enamel while visibly whitening teeth. REMBRANDT® DEEPLY WHITE® + Peroxide Whitening Mouthwash is formulated with rapid-release liquid peroxide that starts working on contact. It has a fresh minty taste.

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