Kiss My Face Coupons Offer Holiday Shoppers a Feel-Good Way to Fund Charities

Kiss My Face Coupons

Shoppers who purchase luxurious Kiss My Face moisture shave and hair care products using coupons save money and help fund their favorite cause. Kiss My Face products are available at most Whole Foods Markets and other fine retailers, and are the perfect addition to a personalized holiday gift basket. has launched printable coupons for Kiss My Face moisture shave and hair care products on its online coupon gallery. Along with other CommonKindness coupons, each Kiss My Face coupon that is redeemed at the register saves the shopper money and generates funds for the nonprofit organization of their choice.

“A kiss on the face is an expression of appreciation and kindness, and is the perfect name for Kiss My Face, a company that has worked hard to promote kindness and appreciation—especially in areas of the world torn by strife,” said CommonKindness president Sarah Schloemer. “We are very excited to offer Kiss My Face coupons on CommonKindness.”

Kiss My Face operates on principles of responsible leadership and altruism, said Schloemer. The company gives 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of its Castile Peace Soap to Seeds of Peace, an organization committed to bringing peace to the world.

Guided by the philosophy that “treaties are negotiated by governments; peace is made by people,” Seeds of Peace has set the standard in international peace-building since 1993. The 501(c)3 nonprofit organization provides exceptional young people and educators from regions of conflict with an otherwise impossible opportunity to meet their historic adversaries face-to-face at its International Camp in Maine.

Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace offers year-round programs that focus on the core leadership capacities needed to advance peace. There are now over 5,000 “Seeds” and educators from 27 countries proving that solutions exist, peace is possible, and there is reason to have hope for a better future.

Kiss My Face founders Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz encourage CommonKindness shoppers to consider choosing Seeds of Peace as their designated nonprofit organization when registering on the coupon website. Shoppers just go to, fill in the easy sign-up form, and designate their favorite nonprofit from the user-friendly directory.

Shoppers simply select their printable grocery coupons for Kiss My Face products and many other items they typically use or wish to try, print them out, and head to the store. Twenty percent of the coupon distribution fee is given to the nonprofit group of the shopper’s choice for each CommonKindness coupon they redeem at the cash register.

About Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face supplies the world with natural, effective, and animal cruelty-free personal care and beauty products. Founded over 30 years ago by Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz on a 200-acre farm in New York’s scenic Hudson River Valley, Kiss My Face makes luxurious and moisturizing hair care products, shaving crème (moisture shave), sunscreens, and toothpaste.

To learn more, go to or call (877) 712-9992.

About is the new online grocery coupon site that operates on the principle of kindness and aims to benefit consumers, nonprofit organizations, and brands. CommonKindness is revolutionizing the online coupon industry by eliminating coupon loading and change costs, charging brands only for coupons redeemed, and donating 20% of its revenue to nonprofit organizations chosen by CommonKindness shoppers.

To learn more, go to or call (415) 729-9658.

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