Make Your Own Head Day

Happy Make Your Own Head Day!

Today is November 28, aka “Make Your Own Head Day.” It is the day when everyone, everywhere is encouraged to make a likeness of their own head. The rules are simple: You can use any artistic medium, but you must make your own head.

pizza face

Pizza Man

So, your holiday season is off to a slow start and you need to get the family together and everyone’s creative juices flowing. What do you do? How about having everyone make their own (that’s important) head in a tasteful 2.5D pizza format?

Just print coupons for Mama Mary’s pizza ingredients at, run out and grab your products at the store, and bring them home to your aspiring artists.

Anyone can do it! As you can see in the picture above, my cat “Scratches” made her own head. (She’s such a good cat.) Just be sure to send us a picture of your creation so we can proudly post it on our Facebook wall.

butter coupon

 Betty Holdvogt

Make Your Own Head History

We really have no idea, but we want to believe that Make Your Own Head Day was  inspired by Ms. Betty Holdvogt of some town in Minnesota after she appeared on “The Late Show With David Letterman” in early 2007 schlepping her 50-pound butter sculpture  she made or her head.

This small step in the career of Betty Holdvogt was, in our minds, a large step for the perplexing–and therefore often misunderstood–Fine Arts with Dairy Movement.

Coupons for butter, for those who wish to try their hand/knife at butter sculpture, are available now at

butter coupon


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