Giveaway ~The Shopping List Bag™


The Shopping List Bag™ Giveaway

Sign-up to become a CommonKindness member now through Sunday, December 9, 2012, at and you will be entered into a random drawing to receive The Shopping Bag™ by L.E. Green Bags.

L.E. Green Bags has donated ten of these stylish orange bags to help CommonKindness promote the lessons of kindness and create a new source of sustainable funding for America’s favorite nonprofit organizations.

This Shopping Bag Has Everything

The Shopping List Bag™ incorporates your shopping list, pen, coupon clip and loyalty card rings into one full-sized reusable bag.

Sticks to Refrigerator

When folded into a handheld size, the entire solution lives on the fridge with its built-in magnets. Now when you grab that shopping list and head to the store, you’ll have a reusable bag, too.

In gratitude,

Johnny “Reindeer” Cavalli & The CommonKindness Team

johnny reindeeer

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