Partner in Kindness February Award Winner

Kindness in Action

CommonKindness is proud to name Discount Queens as February’s Partner in Kindness for encouraging kindness in the Discount Queen’s family. Discount Queens recently published the following blog post, promoting kindness and CommonKindness coupons as a way to spread kindness:


CommonKindness Valentine’s Day Coupons!

Can you feel the love?

Everyone know it’s important to be kind to yourself but it’s just as important to be kind to others. We know that all you, our Discount Queens family, care about being kind to others too!
Showing a little kindness can be as simple as holding the door open for someone OR shopping using coupons from CommonKindness. Every time you use a CommonKindness coupon a donation goes directly to the non-profit YOU choose! Pretty easy, huh?

“We are honored to be your Partner in Kindness,”said Christina of Discount Queens. “We have loved sharing CommonKindness with our fantastic Discount Queens family and we look forward to continuing to help you help people save money while helping non-profits. We love being your partner in promoting kindness! Thank you for the opportunity!”


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