New Partner in Kindness for March

Congratulations to Luv Saving Money, our new Partner in Kindness!


Each month, we select one Partner in Kindness, a savvy-saver blogger that re-posts our coupons and “goes beyond the savings” incorporating a message of Kindness & Helping Others. Luv Saving Money posted an inspiring message about local non-profits.  Thank you Angie for helping spread the KINDNESS message to your audience.

“As a frugal blogger, couponing definitely fits into my lifestyle.  It’s even better knowing my readers and I can help out a non-profit of our choosing while doing something we do anyway. I’m proud to be chosen as a Partner in Kindness.”

~ Angie, Luv Saving Money

Luv Saving Money 031513

Excerpt from site:  “Have you heard of  I hadn’t, until recently, but I wish I would have. Y’all know I like to save some money.  I love a good coupon and I certainly use coupons on my shopping trips. has a bunch of great coupons and online discount codes to save you money.  They have a great selection of coupons for organic and natural grocery products as well as other brands.  Even as a regular couponer, I noticed that the coupons they have on their site aren’t coupons you can find on just any coupon site. 

That’s not all though.  Sign up for a free account and select a non-profit organization to support while you print coupons.  No kidding. 

I live in a small town in south central PA.  I honestly didn’t expect to find local charities or my fave charities to support.  I was so wrong, and I’m happy about that.  I put in my zip code and searched.  I’m able to help support a hospital that is literally 6 blocks from my house by having my donations go to their health foundation to help buy life saving equipment and other needs for healthcare in MY OWN community!  I love it.  I actually selected a couple in my area as well as another charity I love to support.  Now, you can only have your donations go to one non-profit at a time but you can select which one when you print a coupon.”   




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