Sukhi’s Coupon on CommonKindness

Sukhi Summer CommonKindness Coupon“Delicious, Healthy Indian Food” ~ recommended by O Magazine, Dr. OZ, Sunset Magazine & Bon Appetit.

Save 50 cents On any Sukhi’s Gourmet Indian Food Product

Sukhi’s offers eleven authentic freshly frozen Indian entrées. They make a quick and easy meal for one, or combine several entrées and you’ve got a unique Indian feast for a gathering of family and friends.

Made with authentic spices and fresh ingredients, these curries are available in three varieties, Green Curry Chicken, Red Curry Tofu & Vegetables, and Yellow Curry Shrimp. All varieties include vegetables and rice, making them a complete and simple meal for those who love Thai food but don’t have time to visit a Thai restaurant or cook themselves.

If you’ve got a taste for Indian food but no time to make it, Sukhi’s Grab ‘N Go meals can satisfy your cravings in an instant. Find them in the fresh grab and go section.


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