Brand With A Mission – Dave’s Gourmet

daves-gourmet-logoDave’s Gourmet – Dave’s Gourmet created the first super-hot sauce in the world with their Insanity Sauce, and has continued to up the ante with Ultimate Insanity Sauce, Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce and Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce.  To show it has a milder side, Dave’s started making innovative pasta sauces, like Butternut Squash, Wild Mushroom, Organic Heirloom and Masala Sauces.
In the process of producing these gluten free and non-GMO sauces, Dave’s has twice won the award for the best pasta sauce in the industry.  Dave’s just won it’s 17th Sofi Award for it’s new innovative Oatmeal Cookie Butter.  This is the first of a new wholesome natural line of cookie butters.  What innovation will come next from Dave’s Gourmet?

Quotes from Dave’s Gourmet customers – click here.

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