Brand With A Mission – Cabot Creamery

We are honored to feature Cabot Creamery during National Co-op Month – they are a great example of the cooperative business model. Cooperatives demonstrate truely great values, they care deeply about honoring family farmers and providing the highest quality foods and products. Their kind, collaborative and sharing spirit is an inspiration to the entire business community. Thank you Cabot Creamery!

ScreenShot2014-09-29at10.16.08pmCabot Creamery – Since our humble beginnings in 1919, the now 1,200 strong farm families that have 100% ownership in Cabot have had a personal, deep commitment to the highest quality in everything we produce and in everything you taste.

We value community, democracy and local ownership, and we support the places where our families and consumers live and do business. From cow to creamery and from creamery to you, we have one goal in mind: quality. Try our award-winning products, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

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