Brand With A Mission – truwhip

Truwhiptruwhip –  A while back, we realized there weren’t many options for whipped topping as you strolled down your local grocery aisle. You either made whipped cream yourself or purchased the store bought stuff packed with those unhealthy and unnatural additives. Like you, we’ve grown less tolerant of stodgy old chemicals and more aware of eating well. So we decided to take a stand, or a whisk really, and create a new product with ingredients that are all natural and delicious. Each of our ingredients is made by mother nature, not concocted by some beady-eyed chemist in a lab.
In 2007 we enlisted the help of a number of really smart people including a seasoned natural foods expert from Boulder, Colorado and a brilliant food scientist. After lots of experimenting and numerous taste tests, ta-daaa! truwhip was born.

In truwhip, you won’t find high fructose corn syrup, polysorbate 60 or dastardly GMO’s. To top it off (pun intended) the taste is slightly sweet while maintaining a smooth, creamy texture very similar to real whipped cream.

truwhip complements tempting desserts, colorful fruit salads, and festive holiday beverages. To boot, you can enjoy this delectable topping while thanking your lucky stars and your friends here at Peak Foods. For dessert’s sake and yours, enjoy a large dollop of the taste you love, without the unhealthy stuff you don’t!

Truly exciting, true ingredients, truwhip

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