Reward Volunteers 6.0 Launch

During National Volunteer Month, we’re reminded that volunteering is not only good for others; it’s good for you too. Studies show that volunteering contributes to both your mental and physical health by reducing stress and depression and encouraging physical activity, among many other benefits. Using Reward Volunteers can make the hours you spend serving others even more fun and effective.


In addition to supporting them physically and mentally, volunteers get so much more out of serving their communities. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people. It’s also a wonderful way to pass your own skills on to others.

Why not apply your work skills or home duties as a volunteer somewhere? Meet new folks and make a difference while doing good! Volunteers can use the time they give to others as a way of enhancing their own professional resume. All experience can be even more valuable to you and others..

Volunteering as a family is a great way to not only help your community, but also to model generosity and care to the next generation. Children who are volunteers grow up to be adults who donate their time to help others.

Our friends at Cabot have a long history supporting community activism and involvement through a number of programs – Reward Volunteers (since 2012); The Community Celebrity Award Cruise (since 2010); The Cabot Community Tour (2012 and 2014). Through these programs, Cabot encourages volunteerism, honors dedicated volunteers for the work they do every day, and helps spread the message of the importance of volunteering.

Along with their partners at Points of Light and All for Good, Cabot created Reward Volunteers to support and encourage volunteers by helping them to easily track the time they spend volunteering in their communities. They also want to reward them and the organizations they serve with prizes that include cash, vacations, gift cards, gift baskets, and more.

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2 thoughts on “Reward Volunteers 6.0 Launch

    • It’s an amazing program! So good to be able to help volunteers. Give back to those that give. We are more than happy to share this great opportunity with everyone.

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