Bhakti Chai – $1 Coupon on CommonKindness

Looking for a refreshing and very tasty beverage? Bhakti Chai has an amazing range just for you!

Bhakti Chai is a craft-brew of fresh pressed organic ginger and fiery spices with Fair-Trade Certified black tea for a chai that energizes the spirit. Bhakti Chai stands for much more than that… GITA – Give, Inspire, Take Action.

GITA is the amazing platform that Bhakti Chai has developed to provide and promote positive social change:

Our “GITA Giving” platform showcases some of the amazing projects happening in the global community. Gita, which means “share your story” in Sanskrit is also now an acronym standing for “Give”, “Inspire” and “Take Action”.   We believe that every person, no matter how little money or power, can create positive change in the world and we believe GITA Giving will offer causes and bystanders alike the voice and tools they need to share their story of social consciousness.

Bhakti Chai has also provided you with a coupon on CommonKindness. Save $1 on any purchase of Bhakti Chai Iced Ready-To-Drink product

Bhakti Chia Non-GMO CommonKindness coupon



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