Old Wessex NonGMO Coupon

Old Wessex has a great coupon for you on CommonKindness for their range of cereals.

Save $1.00 off any (1) Old Wessex product

Old Wessex Non-GMO CommonKindness coupon

All Old Wessex Ltd.100% Natural Hot Breakfast Cereals are high fiber and are free of sugar, salt, cholesterol, additives and preservatives and are NonGMO Project Verified.

Irish-Style Oat Meal – A hearty tasting old fashioned breakfast cereal made from thick oats. It cooks in only 5 minutes.

5 Grain Cereal – A mix of oats, rye, tritcale, barley, and golden flax that’s an especially good vegetarian source of Omega 3’s.

Scottish-Style Porridge Oats – A chewy oat porridge made from extra thick rolled oats that really satisfies your hunger.

Oat Bran – A creamy, natural, high fiber cereal with 29% fiber that cooks in only 60 seconds.




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