Sweet Home Farm Granola

Save $1.00 on this great Non-GMO Project Verified Granola from Sweet Home Farm.


WIN CASH on CommonKindness

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For 9 days, beginning today CommonKindness is running a Find The Gold Coupon Contest!   All you have to do is locate the special Golden Coupon similar to the one pictured above. There will be 4 Golden Coupons posted at random times throughout the day (each of these 4 coupons will only be available to print for 15 minutes!) so you’ll want to head here and check the site often.

Here’s How the Golden Coupon Contest Works:

* Head over to CommonKindness.com throughout the next 9 days and keep your eyes peeled for a Golden Coupon
* If you spot a Golden Coupon, clip and print the coupon right away (these coupons will only be available for 15 minutes so you’ll want to be quick!)
* Look for the unique Golden Coupon Code embedded in the terms of the coupon (you will need to print the coupon in order to view the terms).
* Send an email to the email address info@commonkindness.com and be sure to write the unique Golden Coupon Code in the Subject Line of the email.
* The first 2 email submissions received for each Golden Coupon will be awarded a $10 cash prize (there will be a total of 8 winners daily!).
* If you have additional questions, please send an email to info@commonkindness.com

Fine Print: Limit one $10 cash check per person. If individual has already been selected to receive $10 cash, the next consecutive email submission will then be selected. Each of the 8 winners will be notified via email at the end of each day.

Happy Hunting!

Congratulations to Cipper Girl, Our New Partner in Kindness

www.ClipperGirlSavingSpot.com went beyond the savings and incorporated a message of kindness for her audience.  Thank you Clipper Girl for spreading kindness and helping your audience Save Money & Help Others.

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Excerpt from site:

“CommonKindness.com is a great place to find not so common coupons to print.  What I like best about CommonKindness is the fact that when I print coupons to help me save money on products that my family uses, I am also helping a non profit organization.  CommonKindness.com donates 20% of funds received to a non-profit of my choice.  Living in a small town as I do, I didn’t think I would find a non profit in my area to assist.  Boy was I wrong!!!  There were over 7 pages of non profits listed.  I’ve decided to support Rocking Horse Ranch Therapeutic Riding Program.  It feels good to know that even in these difficult financial times I can help provide someone with a better quality of life just by printing a coupon.”

Celebrate World Water Day with New Nature’s Gate Coupons from CommonKindness.com

Natures Gate CommonKindness CouponNature’s Gate, creator of personal care products formulated from botanical remedies, is celebrating World Water Day—March 22, 2013—with free printable grocery coupons that reward shoppers and support charities. Each CommonKindness.com coupon saves the shopper $1.50 on their Nature’s Gate purchase and generates funds for the nonprofit organization of the shopper’s choice.

CommonKindness donates 20 percent of its revenues to the nonprofit organizations shoppers choose when they go to http://www.CommonKindness.com and start downloading coupons. In honor of World Water Day, Nature’s Gate suggests shoppers consider selecting WaterAid as their designated nonprofit to support the organization’s mission to help communities in Asia, Africa and Central America obtain long-term access to safe, clean water.

The United Nations established World Water Day as a means of focusing attention on the importance of safe water, and to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. WaterAid uses this day to raise awareness that 11 percent of the world’s population does not have safe water to drink, and that this coupled with poor sanitation, results in 2,000 children dying every day.

“Over 783 million people around the world still do not have access to safe water,” said Sarah Schloemer, president of CommonKindness.com. “Helping organizations like WaterAid bring water to those who need it is very rewarding to me—and our coupons make it rewarding to consumers.”

Rainwater has always held special significance to Nature’s Gate. Over 40 years ago, founders Leo and Vladimir blended rainwater and natural herbs from their herb shop to create the very first Herbal Rainwater Shampoo. Shortly thereafter, they began giving it away to their friends and herb shop customers. It became a phenomenon all along Venice Beach, California.

Nature’s Gate continues to be inspired by its surroundings, creating formulas that combine proven botanical, herbal, and floral treatments with modern ingredients and techniques. Using all-natural herbs and pH-balanced formulas, each product is carefully formulated to deliver the many benefits of each unique botanical blend. All Nature’s Gate products reflect ongoing efforts to preserve the earth’s natural resources and develop sustainable sources of clean water.

About Nature’s Gate
Since its founding over 40 years ago, Nature’s Gate has been pairing nature with science to create high quality, safe, sustainable, and affordable personal care product s. Nature’s Gate products are made with pure, sustainably-harvested herbs, fruits, and essential oils (no animal-derived ingredients) that enhance the overall health and well-being of people and the planet.

Cabot Creamery Cooperative Makes Volunteering Even More Rewarding


The founding of Cabot Creamery in a small town in Vermont in 1919 was based on the spirit of cooperation, staking a claim in the fundamental idea that together they could be stronger and better than they were alone. Since that time, the farmer owners of this thriving dairy cooperative have built their lives on the principles and spirit of cooperation.

That spirit pervades Cabot not only in business, but also in the daily lives of its farm families, in their homes and in their communities. Farm life is a family affair, and success depends on the full participation of every member. Cabot farmers bring that intention to their communities as well. They are inveterate volunteers – firefighters and Sunday school teachers, classroom aids and soup kitchen servers – these families have always known that making their communities stronger, healthier and better only enhances their own lives.

Cabot’s long history of volunteerism was the impetus to create Reward Volunteers®, a mobile app and computer widget that allows volunteers to log hours, post to Facebook and win rewards for themselves and the organizations they serve.

Roberta MacDonald, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Cabot sees this app as an extension of Cabot’s ethos:

“Our farmers are avid volunteers. They have a long history of engagement with their communities. With this national effort, we are hoping that public Facebook posts will inspire others. This is an effort to document, and make clear, exactly how valuable volunteered time really is.”

Reward Volunteers uses a simple iPhone app and website that enable and encourage participants to track their donated hours, share photos and post details about their volunteer activities on Facebook. The more hours they log and the more activities and photos they share, the greater their chances to win prizes and money for their favorite charities. The current contest – the third in a series – ends on July 14, 2013.

Prizes, which will be awarded monthly and at the end of the contest, include:

  • Monthly $500 cash prizes plus a $1,000 grand prize for individual volunteers
  • Monthly $1,000 cash awards plus a $1,500 grand award for nonprofit organizations
  • Vermont’s Liberty Hill Farm vacation
  • Couture Farm vacation
  • Smugglers Notch Ski Resort vacation
  • Ski Vermont ski passes (2013-2014 season)
  • $100 King Arthur Flour gift cards
  • $100 National Cooperative Grocer’s Association gift cards
  • Gift baskets of Cabot Creamery Cooperative’s award-winning cheddar
  • Cabot Community Celebrity Southern Caribbean cruise for two grand prize

Sarah Schloemer, president of CommonKindness.com, says:

“Just like our coupons and other programs, Reward Volunteers offers another way you can benefit from the work you do for your favorite charity. Although the prizes are fun—and valuable—Reward Volunteers is really about recognizing everyday heroes and celebrating acts of kindness. It’s a beautiful model.”

Fresh Baby Food Chopper and Steamer Coupon from Munchkin ~ Save $5

baby food coupon

Save $5 on the purchase of a Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer and raise funds for your favorite nonprofit organizations using new printable coupons from www.CommonKindness.com.


Homemade Baby Food, Fast and Simple

The Munchkin Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer makes preparing baby food at home easy and painless. This two-in-one tool allows you to chop food quickly with its stainless steel cutting blade, and then steam it in the microwave. It comes equipped with a cleaning tool and dishwasher-safe parts, and it is BPA free.

homemade baby food

You Control What Goes into Your Baby’s Food

The Munchkin Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer helps you to take your baby’s food from “boring” to “bon appétit. The possibilities for feeding your baby do not stop at what you find pre-prepared on supermarket shelves. And since you control what you are feeding your baby, you know the ingredients are fresh and safe. 

Saving Money and Helping Others with CommonKindness

CommonKindness.com is the free grocery coupon website that empowers you to generate funds for your favorite nonprofit organization every time you make a purchase using a CommonKindness coupon. The company gives a whopping 20 percent of its revenues to nonprofits. The best part is that you get to choose which charities receive donations generated by your CommonKindness coupon purchases.


Rubicon: Building Bridges to Home

bay area nonprofits

East Bay Community Support

Many of us are lucky to have the support of family and friends when we make mistakes or disaster strikes. They encourage us, help us take the next step, remind us of our goals. For more than 3,000 people in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, Rubicon is that support.

Since 1973, Rubicon has provided employment, housing, mental health, and other services to low-income residents of some of the hardest hit communities across the East Bay.

Dorothy’s Story

One Rubicon client, Dorothy, became homeless after depression and drug addiction got the better of her. Living under a bridge, alienated from her children, and scared for her safety every night, Dorothy lived through dark times. She tried to end her own life. Someone suggested she come to Rubicon.

Dorothy was determined to make her life whole again. She accessed the services she needed at Rubicon–customized to meet her challenges. Her depression combined with physical problems like diabetes and addiction kept her from being able to work. Rubicon’s legal support staff helped Dorothy access Social Security benefits.

I felt people cared about me again. I felt better after coming to Rubicon.”

Bridges to Home

Rubicon’s Bridges to Home program found Dorothy a place to live in a peaceful neighborhood in Pinole–away from the violence and temptation of her Richmond life. One-on-one counseling with a caring therapist, group therapy, and home visits helped Dorothy learn how to cope with difficult feelings and overcome drug addiction. Rubicon staff gives Dorothy rides to doctor’s appointment and to Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Rubicon aims to treat clients with respect, and as whole people. To help people who have been struggling with mental illness most of their lives define what health and happiness is for them – not what we say it is. And it works. We decreased hospitalization rates for people with serious mental illness by 54% last year.

Regaining Family Members’ Trust

Dorothy regained her family members’ trust and spends time with her children and grandchildren. Her son is proud of her and picks her up for dinner each week. Without Rubicon, Dorothy says she would be homeless, not taking her medication, drinking, using drugs, and ending up in the hospital like she used to.

I’m just happy now.” 

bay area housing organizations

About Rubison

Rubicon’s mission is to prepare very low-income people to achieve financial independence and to partner with people with mental illness on their journey of recovery.  To learn more, go to: http://www.rubiconprograms.org