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Saving Hope: My Personal Dog Rescue Story

adopt a pet

Stepping Out

I’ve been thinking this morning about my comfort zone and how I sometimes prefer not to move out of it. I reason with myself that I like the way things are and how changes often create chaos.

A few months ago, I was volunteering at an outreach in a neighborhood of very poor families. It always surprises me that many of these families have several pets. There isn’t enough money to feed the children, but they have four cats and two dogs. I like to carry a couple of cans of cat food and dog biscuits in my car for when I visit this area. Yep, I’m an animal lover!

On this particular day, a family I had bought groceries for in the past had a new puppy. A young puppy. This was their third dog. As I played with this sweet little pup, I realized he was not well. I won’t go into all the signs, but all of sudden the thought occurred to me that this pup was not going to make it if someone didn’t get her to the vet.

puppy rescue

I spoke to the family, and they seemed unconcerned. That’s when it happened. Without thinking, I told them this puppy needed a new home, and asked if I could take it right then and find it one. At the time, I had an eighteen year old cat, a four year old cat, two gerbils, and a lovebird, all living in my house. As our family also travels quite a bit, I knew this pup was not going to be able live with us, but I knew it wasn’t going to stay there. The family seemed indifferent, not really caring one way or the other what happened to the dog. A friend dumped her kids toys out of a crate and we put the puppy in, slid it into my car, and away I drove.

This Little Dog Is Going to Die

I volunteer for the Humane Society, and I immediately called them to see what I should do. I left a message and waited to hear. I took the puppy to my house. Over the next 24 hours, it became clear to me that this little girl was going to die if I didn’t get her some help. Finally, the Humane Society called me back and said they would see us. They determined that the dog had either Parvo or hookworm.

If it was Parvo, she probably would not make it. They couldn’t take her, as Parvo was highly contagious, AND if the dog had “done” anything in my yard and had Parvo, I need to notify my neighbors not to walk their dog anywhere near my yard. OH MY WORD. What have I done? They tested her for Parvo and gave her medicine for hookworm, just in case.

Avoiding Bad to Worse

This situation could have gone from bad to worse, but, thankfully, it didn’t. “Hope,” the pup’s new name, did not have Parvo. Within 12 hours, she was a typical crazy puppy, chewing, barking, playing, and stealing the hearts of everyone in my family. But she still needed a home.

animal shelterI took her back to the vet a few days later for a checkup, and they told me someone who volunteered at the Humane Society wanted to adopt her. Leaving her there, I cried, my kids cried, but we knew a family who stayed put would make a better home for her.

That day, I stepped out of my comfort zone. The vet said Hope would have died if she had stayed where I found her. It was a crazy week, but it was worth it, and I have pictures to prove it! You don’t have to go out and rescue puppies to make a difference.

Donate a Few Bucks to your LOCAL Humane Society

I heard from a pretty reliable source that you are better to go directly local than through a national organization. Give locally so you can see the results. Don’t take food. They need to be consistent with what they feed the animals, so they stick to one brand. Even five or ten dollars goes a long way. Be blessed!

-Kelly Stilwell

Kelly Stilwell is a blogger who is passionate about volunteering. Visit her at where she writes about parenting, education, traveling, cooking, serving others, and life in the fast lane.

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Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisp Coupons ~ Good for Families and Charities

healthy snacks

Freeze-dried fruit retains real fruit flavor and valuable nutrients, Fruit Crisps from Brothers-All-Natural are a fun and healthy choice for kids’ lunch bags and snacks. Families can find new online coupons for the snacks on that will save money at the grocery store and help fund their favorite nonprofit organization.

Fruit Snack Coupons

Families are discovering great deals for Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps—the happiest snacks on earth—at The online coupon website that gives 20% of its revenues to the nonprofit organizations of the coupon redeemer’s choice now offers free printable grocery coupons for Fruit Crisps redeemable at Walmart stores.

“Disney-themed Fruit Crisps from Brothers-All-Natural are far more than a fun and convenient snack that is perfect for lunch boxes, snack bags and road trips,” said Sarah Schloemer, president of CommonKindness. “They are 100% real sliced fruit with all of the nutritional value of fresh fruit with nothing added.”

dried fruit

Freeze-dried for Freshness

Each snack bag contains two servings of nutritious fruit with no added sugars, preservatives, or flavor enhancers. Brothers-All-Natural makes the snack by freeze-drying premium fruit until they are crispy and crunchy.

“Our freeze-drying process locks the natural goodness of the fruit into crunchy crisps that are convenient any time, mess-free, and stay fresh on the pantry shelf for months,” said Rob Larsen, Director of Sales for Brothers-All-Natural.

Unlike many dried fruit products that use a high-temperature evaporation process that can shrink, toughen, and alter the taste and smell of the fruit, the Brothers-All-Natural method gently removes the water through sublimation.

The process, which involves freezing fruit and converting it directly into a gas in a low pressure chamber, retains the fruit’s basic cell structure, natural enzymes, nutrients, aroma, and flavor.

disney snacks

How to Use Coupons

To start using printable grocery coupons for Disney-themed Brothers-All-Natural, shoppers simply go to, select the coupons they want, print them out, and head to the store. Twenty percent of the coupon distribution fee will be donated to the nonprofit group of the shopper’s choice for each CommonKindness coupon redeemed at the cash register.

For each Brothers-All-Natural coupon redeemed, CommonKindness will donate 20% of its distribution fee to the 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations of the shopper’s choice.

Kiss My Face Peace Soap Coupon Today Only

peace soap coupon

Seed of Peace $1 Savings Coupons

Print your $1 Savings Kiss My Face Peace Soap coupon at

Seeds of Peace Soap is perfect for creative, personal gift baskets, and your purchase using CommonKindness coupons helps benefit both your favorite nonprofit AND Seeds of Peace.

Kiss My Face gives 10% of the proceeds from sales of its Castile Peace Soap to Seeds of Peace, an organization committed to bringing peace to the world.

Guided by the philosophy that “treaties are negotiated by governments; peace is made by people,” Seeds of Peace has set the standard in international peace-building since 1993.

The 501(c)3 nonprofit organization provides exceptional young people and educators from regions of conflict with an otherwise impossible opportunity to meet their historic adversaries face-to-face at its International Camp in Maine.

Seeds of Peace offers year-round programs that focus on the core leadership capacities needed to advance peace. There are now over 5,000 “Seeds” and educators from 27 countries proving that solutions exist, peace is possible, and there is reason to have hope for a better future.

Pizza Coupons ~ Time for a Mama Mary’s Homemade Pizza Party!

pizza coupons

Homemade Pizza Party ~ Fun for the Whole Family

Easy, Delicious–and Clean Up Is a Snap!

Forget ordering home delivery or tossing a boxed frozen pizza in the oven. Mama Mary’s transforms pizza night into pizza-making night—an event the whole family will enjoy. Use new coupons for Mama Mary’s pre-made pizza crust 2-packs, pizza sauce, and sliced pepperoni to save money and generate funds for your favorite nonprofit organization.

Perfect on Cold Nights or After a Hectic Shopping Day

Mama Mary’s enables you to have a jolly good time with the kids this holiday season. Pizzas take about eight minutes and cost about $5  (for each pepperoni or extra cheese recipe pizza). You can be creative and make up your own recipe using toppings you love or visit Mama Mary’s website ( for a variety of fun recipes, including Traditional Pepperoni, Philly Cheesesteak, and Spicy Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

$1 Savings on Mama Mary’s Pizza Crusts

50 Cents Off Mama Mary’s Pizza Sauce and Pepperoni

Pizza Coupons

Mama Mary’s coupons printed from save you $1 on 2–packs of 12-inch pizza crusts and 50¢ on each jar of pizza sauce and bag of sliced pepperoni. Like all coupons, redeeming Mama Mary’s coupons generates funds for your favorite nonprofit organization. And giving to charities is an important part of the holiday season to most of us.

Kids Love to Make Pizza

A Mama Mary’s pizza party is a great way to engage the whole family. Even small children can get in on the action. Kids love to spread the sauce on the crust and decorate their own pizza with cheese, pepperoni, and their other favorite toppings.

pizza coupon

Clean and Fast

The messiest part of making pizza at home is making the crust. Mama Mary’s pre-made pizza crusts solve that problem. There’s no flour mess to clean up. Just build your pizza the way you want it and bake. Your very own restaurant-quality pizzas arrive fresh from the oven faster than delivery-ordered pizzas.

pizza coupons

Never Frozen ~ Ready in 8 Minutes

Mama Mary’s Pizza Crusts are never frozen, bake in eight minutes, and are available in Traditional, Thin and Crispy, Whole Wheat with Honey, and Brick Oven Style varieties.

pepperoni coupon

Cheese Coupons

What’s a pizza without cheese? In addition to Mama Mary’s pizza-making products, CommonKindness helps you save money on mozzarella and other types of cheeses with dairy coupons from Clover Stornetta and Cabot Creamery. Just go to

milk coupons

Send us pictures of your pizza masterpieces and we’ll post them on Facebook!