Non-GMO, Healthy, Organic Coupons

Looking for your favorite Non-GMO Project Verified products with a coupon? Have you tried the CommonKindness range? If your favorite product can’t be found, there is likely to be a range of other coupons your interested in.

Coupons for 18 Rabbits, PopCorners, AlterEco, FrUve, Enjoy Life Foods, NurtureMe, Quinn Snacks, Barnana, Woodstock, Brewla, Glee Gum, Peace Cereal and many more can be found right here!

Non-GMO Project Verified Coupon Savings

The Non-GMO Project is dedicated to helping you find great non-gmo products in a store near you. Together with CommonKindness, there are a wide range of non-gmo products available with a coupon for you to use!

Look for the butterfly on the packaging and redeem your coupons to save money and help generate funds for your favorite non-profit as well!

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For our full non-gmo coupon range click here.

National Non-GMO Month with Great Coupons

October is National Non-GMO Month and we would like to help you find and try great Non-GMO project Verified products with a coupon! Simply visit our non-gmo coupon page to see all the brands and products available!


The Non-GMO Project is a mission-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to building and protecting a non-GMO food supply. They do this through consumer education and outreach programs; marketing support provided to Non-GMO Project Verified brands; and training resources and merchandising materials provided to retailers. Find out more here.


Hallmark helping out with couponing tips

Here is a great resource for a DIY coupon binder!

Organizing Your Coupons

Decide which labeling system best suits your shopping habits

  1. Label by aisle: baking, frozen foods, personal care or, create sections for each store you shop at with sub-categories by aisle.
  2. Keep manufacturer coupons separate from store specific coupons.
  3. Within your categories organize coupons by expiration dates with coupons expiring first near the front of each category.
  4. Keep a large pocket in front of your binder to move coupons into as you put items in your cart – for easy checkout.
  5. Have a section where you keep “rain-checks.”

For the full story, click DIY Coupon Binder.

National Men’s Health Month

CommonKindnessNatlMensHealthMonthJune2015June is National Men’s Health Month.

Please help us bring awareness to not only Men’s Health but also the great organizations that are doing such fantastic work in providing for those in need.

Click here to learn more about Men’s Health Month and find great savings on delicious healthy products with coupons from CommonKindness.