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A huge range of grocery & gourmet coupons are available on Amazon. With everyday snack foods to bulk purchases, Amazon is a great place to go to help you save money on your groceries. See a snapshot below of whats available right now! And don’t forget, click through the CommonKindness link and every purchase will generate funds for non-profits!

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Happy shopping, happy saving, happy Spring!

Grocery & Gourmet Coupons

Kiss My Face Peace Soap Coupon Today Only

peace soap coupon

Seed of Peace $1 Savings Coupons

Print your $1 Savings Kiss My Face Peace Soap coupon at

Seeds of Peace Soap is perfect for creative, personal gift baskets, and your purchase using CommonKindness coupons helps benefit both your favorite nonprofit AND Seeds of Peace.

Kiss My Face gives 10% of the proceeds from sales of its Castile Peace Soap to Seeds of Peace, an organization committed to bringing peace to the world.

Guided by the philosophy that “treaties are negotiated by governments; peace is made by people,” Seeds of Peace has set the standard in international peace-building since 1993.

The 501(c)3 nonprofit organization provides exceptional young people and educators from regions of conflict with an otherwise impossible opportunity to meet their historic adversaries face-to-face at its International Camp in Maine.

Seeds of Peace offers year-round programs that focus on the core leadership capacities needed to advance peace. There are now over 5,000 “Seeds” and educators from 27 countries proving that solutions exist, peace is possible, and there is reason to have hope for a better future.

Mama Mary’s Pizza Crust Coupons Now on

Pizza Crust CouponCommonKindness Presents Mama Mary’s Pizza Crust Coupons

Here’s a sneak peek of (1) our first in a series of Mama Mary’s pizza coupons and (2) my very misguided holiday costume party choice.

Homemade Pizza-Making Made Easy

Forget coating the kitchen (and yourself) in flour. Mama Mary’s makes pizza-making at home as easy as, well, pie. You can save $1 on a two-pack of Mama Mary’s Pizza Crusts using the latest coupon we posted at

Oh, and here’s a direct link to the Mama Mary’s coupon:

In gratitude,

Johnny “It’s Been a Slice” Cavalli

Holiday Hostess Gift Idea ~ Alter Eco Chocolates

hostess gifts

Alter Eco Chocolates ~ Grown in Peru and Ecuador, Crafted in Switzerland

A Tasteful Gift for the Host: Alter Eco Chocolates

Incredibly delicious Alter Eco Chocolates make great holiday hostess gifts and stocking stuffers. The colorful packaging is absolutely stunning, and a rainbow of stacked bars elegantly tied together with a simple ribbon are sure to bring a smile to a loved one’s face.

Dark Delicacies of Peru and Ecuador 

Plucked from organic trees in the Peruvian Amazon and Ecuadorian Coast, Alter Eco’s cacao beans journey to the base of the Andes Mountains, where they are transformed into some of the world’s finest cocoa products. The final destination is Switzerland, where expert chocolatiers craft their unique and habit-forming bars.

Alter Eco Chocolate Coupons

You can save $1 on Alter Eco chocolates using coupons you download and print from

Cranberry Sauce Coupons Are in Season

Are you equipped for your Thanksgiving feast?

Mickey Mouse Day ~ Happy Birthday, Little Guy

mickey mouse birthday

Mickey Mouse Was Born November 18, 1928

Although few of us can remember the day Mickey Mouse was born (for many age-related reasons), no one can argue against the enormous cultural impact Walt Disney’s official spokesmouse continues to have on our planet.

To celebrate, CommonKindness recommends everyone purchase Cabot Creamery’s Award-Winning Vermont Cheddar using cheese coupons clipped from Take it home and celebrate in your own special way, by yourself or in the company of like-minded friends.

cabot coupons

Cheese Coupons

What About Mickey?

Is anyone else offended that Wikipedia reduces Mickey to an “anthropomorphic mouse who typically wears red shorts, large yellow shoes, and white gloves”? That’s like summarizing Elton John as a sassy British rock musician who wears ridiculous eye wear.

elton john eye wear

(Oops. This is probably not the best day to mention Sir John. Although Elton was fond of performing in his Razor-Wire-Mickey-Mouse-Ears spectacles, there is forensic evidence that he was actually closer to Mickey’s arch-rival Donald Duck.)

elton as donald duck

Mickey’s Iconic Ears

In the interest of time, rather than regurgitate a laundry list of Mickey’s  bright and sometimes sordid past, let us simply examine what the now 84-year-old rodent is still having on our society today.

Ryan Gosling

Can anyone really imagine what a bleak and pointless world this would be without modern-day Mouseketeer Ryan Gosling?

Brittany Spears

Or whatever it is that good-old-what’s-her-face has brought to mankind?

Obama with Mouse Ears

And what about the recent presidential election? President Obama took on more human characteristics when he donned Mickey Mouse ears at his pivotal campaign rally at Disney World last month. Is anyone really going to try to suggest this image didn’t help him at the polls and secure his re-election?

The bottom line is that, whether you live in a trailer…

mouse ears

…or like to pose on the balcony of your Manhattan penthouse…

mickey mouse ears

…today is the day to take a moment to raise a glass (and a huge hunk of Cabot Creamery cheese) to the most influential cartoon mouse in history. I am sure he’ll hear each and every one of our toasts: he’s all ears.

We love you, Mickey. Happy Birthday!

Yes To Carrots Coupons

yes to carrots coupons

CommonKindness loves carrots, particularly the color.

Get coupons for YES TO CARROTS at