Summertime Savings

CommonKindnessSummerSavingsJune2015Summertime Savings are here!!

With summer warming up, it’s time to get outdoors – we have some great BBQ recipes, beach activities, refreshing beverage ideas and coupon savings for you and your family.

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St. Patricks Day Savings

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.34.43 amTake a look at Amazons St.Patricks Day line up with books, costumes, party supplies and more. With a great range of electronics specials and other discounts, be sure to shop through the CommonKindness link so you can generate funds for non-profits at the same time as making your amazon orders.

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Discounts on Travel, Prinitng & Much More

Hot Deals

Sourcing discounts for your travel, holidays or next adventure is what the Hot Deals page is all about. Get much more with discount codes and savings on printing, contact lenses, eye wear, energy supplements and many more.

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Coupons for Nutritious Froose Fruit Beverages and Gummies Fuel Kids and Nonprofits

Packed with nutrients, fiber and flavor, Froose fruit beverages and gummies offer nourishment for growing kids. Froose has partnered with to offer Americans coupons that save families money and help fund their favorite nonprofit organizations.

New Froose printable grocery coupons save parents money on beverages and gummies made from organic fruit and whole-grain, gluten-free brown rice. High in nutrition instead of empty calories, Froose offers the perfect treats for growing minds and bodies.

Froose Launched by Action Mom 
Frustrated by the lack of nutritious choices for kids on grocery shelves, mother of three Denise L. Devine made it her mission to create healthy beverage and snack alternatives for children. A former food industry executive, she assembled a group of like-minded people from diverse backgrounds to accomplish her goal.

The Froose team worked hard to find a way to “sneak” whole-grain, gluten-free brown rice into beverage boxes and snack formats that children already enjoy, making Froose a convenient way to ensure kids get the important fiber, complex carbohydrates, niacin, calcium and other minerals and nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

“The nutrition provided by Froose fruit beverages makes them ideal as both drinks and great ‘drinkable snacks’ for finicky eaters or busy children on the go and active kids who don’t stop to eat,” said Devine. “Flavorful Froose gummies we developed as a healthy alternative to the junk foods many of our children eat now.”

Brain Food
Instead of being packed with added sugar and empty calories that causes wide mood swings, Froose is made with whole grain brown rice which contains natural B vitamins niacin and thiamin that help children develop cognitive skills and guard against deficiencies that result in poor attention spans, disorientation, irritability, and fatigue.

Body Boost
The whole-grain brown rice used to make Froose is high in minerals such as calcium that kids’ bodies need to build healthy muscles, bone, and nerve tissues.

Fighting Childhood Obesity
The fiber and complex carbohydrates in Froose help fight childhood obesity by sating the appetite and slowing digestion so kids are less likely to overeat. Slowing the digestive process also balances blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, which might help prevent the onset of diabetes.

“We applaud the work Froose is doing to help kids grow strong, perform better in school, and avoid the type of overeating that can lead to childhood obesity,” said Sarah Schloemer, president of CommonKindness.

To use, shoppers go to the website, quickly register, and designate their favorite nonprofit from the user-friendly directory. They then clip printable grocery coupons for items they typically use or want to try, and head to the store.

For each coupon redeemed, CommonKindness provides 20% of the distribution fee it receives to the shopper’s designated nonprofit group.

About CommonKindness
CommonKindness is the new online grocery coupon site that operates on the principle of kindness and aims to benefit consumers, nonprofit organizations, and brands. CommonKindness is revolutionizing the online coupon industry by eliminating coupon loading and change costs, charging brands only for coupons redeemed, and giving 20% of its revenue to nonprofit organizations.

To learn more, go to or call (415) 887-9537.

About Froose 
Froose is an innovative new beverage that combines certified organic, gluten-free whole grain brown rice and fruit—a delicious and nutritious juice alternative. Naturally low in sugar and a good source of fiber, drinking a serving of Froose is as healthy as eating a whole portion of fruit.

Froose Gummy Snacks are made from natural ingredients that are easy to digest, contain significantly less sugar than other gummies and have a softer texture that will not stick to the teeth. Available in convenient, fun, and familiar formats, Froose Gummies are ideal for lunchboxes, home, or on the go.

To learn more, go to or call (888) 338-4631.