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Vegetable Soup for the Soul: Fig Food Soup Coupons on CommonKindness Generate Charitable Contributions

vegetable soup

Soup lovers who buy organic, 100% plant-based Fig Food soups using CommonKindness coupons make a donation to their favorite nonprofit and save a dollar at the same time.

More of a movement than a company, Fig Food Co. ( is the manifestation of president and founder Joel Henry’s vision of a high quality food production system that gets people eating delicious food that’s good for them and is also gentle on the planet. All Fig Food is organic, kosher and made from vegetables, beans, lentils and grains grown in North America.

In the spirit of the holiday season, Fig Food Co. has placed soup coupons on CommonKindness ( that enables everyone to make donations to their favorite charities while they save money on their purchase.

“Fig Food Co. gives us delicious plant-based food made with methods that have low environmental impact,” said Sarah Schloemer, president of CommonKindness. “The food industry is also labor-intensive, so the company is creating much-needed jobs in the US. Joel, in fact, maintains a list of the organic ingredients he needs on his website and encourages farmers to contact him directly.”

Eating Plant-Based Foods Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Henry built Fig Food Co. to encourage people to eat more plant-based foods to help reduce the proliferation of greenhouse gases and improve the environment. He points out that organic agriculture requires 19 percent less energy than conventional agriculture for comparable yields.

“Current animal-related agricultural practices are responsible for 18 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions,” said Henry, pointing out that this represents a higher share than the total greenhouse gas output of the entire transportation industry.

Indeed. The farm animal production sector is the single largest anthropogenic user of land, contributing to soil degradation, dwindling water supplies, and air pollution, according to a report by Humane Society International. Fig Food Co. provides leadership in the environmental movement and encourages people to augment their diets to include more plant-based foods instead of animal-based products.

“In addition to the environmental benefits, people feel good about eating plant-based foods for many other reasons—and they eat vegetarian items more when they taste great,” said Schloemer. “Fig Food Co. soups are vegan, yet so delicious that meat-eaters won’t miss the meat.”

Henry says Fig Food Co. is also about making connections. He believes that electronic devices can create barriers to communications, yet he is impressed with the way CommonKindness uses technology to bring people together.

“CommonKindness has created a real, tangible capability to touch other people’s lives,” said Henry. “There are a slew of ways to distribute coupons today, but CommonKindness presented Fig Food a way to both distribute coupons and give back to our community. What better way to celebrate the holiday season.”


Fig Food Co. makes a number of ready-to-eat and condensed soups, including:

vegetable soup

Chickpea, Tomato and Thyme Soup 
A classic from Italy’s Umbrian region, this soup combines the delicate sweetness of chickpeas with a broth of tomato, extra virgin olive oil and thyme.

vegetable soup

Kabocha Squash Soup 
Kabocha (pronounced kah-BOH-chah) is an exceptionally sweet and buttery squash. Fig Food adds a zesty broth, nutmeg and a kiss of cinnamon to its kabocha soup to make any day a holiday.

vegetable soup

Mexican Bean and Rice Soup 
Evocative of the Mexican countryside, this soup mixes smoky pinto beans with brown rice and spinach into a savory chitpolé broth.

minestrone soup

Nonna’s Minestrone Soup
Invite the aroma of Nonna’s kitchen into the home with Nonna’s Minestrone Soup, which combines creamy borlottie beans, a potpourri of vegetables and Nonna’s special blend of herbs and spices.

split pea soup coupon

Split Pea and Potato Soup 
Like a trip to your favorite local diner, this classic soup—guaranteed to warm the bones in the winter—contains flavorful green split peas, Yukon gold potatoes and a pinch of thyme.

black bean soup coupon

Yucatan Black Bean Soup
Epazote—a Mexican herb—and pasilla chile echo the Mexican / Caribbean origins of this sumptuous soup. Black beans, tomatoes, unpeeled Yukon Gold potatoes, and diced onion make it a filling, gluten-free meal. Serve with a slice of lime, avocado or fresh cornbread.

soup coupons

Condensed Split Pea Soup
Just add water to this savory gluten-free classic made with organic split peas and veggies. Garnish with cayenne pepper, a drizzle of olive oil or crusty bread.

soup coupon

Condensed Wheatberry Soup 
Slow cooked to perfection, Fig Food’s Wheatberry Soup is the ultimate comfort food. Garnish with parsley or accompany with chopped Swiss chard or tofu.

Fig Food is available at Whole Foods Markets, Earth Fare and other natural food retailers.

How CommonKindness Coupons Work 

To use printable grocery coupons for Fig Food Company’s soups, shoppers simply go to, select the coupons they want, print them out, and head to the store. Twenty percent of the coupon distribution fee is given to the nonprofit group of the shopper’s choice for each CommonKindness coupon they redeem at the cash register.